• Bonding UPH:
  • X-Y bonding accuracy:
  • Rotation accuracy:
  • 10K
  • ±10μm
  • ±3°

Ball Bonder AW386(ARROW)

Ball Bonder AW386(ARROW) is a high-speed automatic wire bonder developed by Guangdong ADA Intelligent Equipment Ltd. It uses thermal ultrasonic ball welding and wedge welding processes to conduct wire bonding on semiconductor devices by heating, pressurization and ultrasonic energy.


Material:Bonding and packaging process of SMD LED, high-power LED, discrete devices, IC integrated circuits and other products.


1. New welding head with higher rigidity, thermal stability and accuracy.
2. New XY table motor with higher speed and improves work efficiency
3. Pulling module has high rigidity, simple structure and convenient structure adjustment.
4. Material box of the feeding and discharging module with enhanced stable performance and material protection, is wider higher and longer.